Our Collaborators

We are passionate about partnering with courageous and heartful collaborators who want to lean into life and gently prompt people to fully explore and inhabit all the complexity and wonder of Being Human. By sharing important stories and sparking meaningful conversations we want to celebrate the essence of aliveness and better understand our shared human experience, so that together we might live well.

Meet some of the amazing artists, thinkers, makers, doers and creators we join forces with.


Dan Goods


Dan Goods is an explorer of the unknown. He is passionate about creating moments in people’s lives where they are reminded of the gift and privilege of being alive. He is an artist, enquirer, creative director and the Visual Strategist for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Dan dreams-up & realises immersive and unique ways of communicating complex concepts with people, by translating ideas about the universe into meaningful stories that can be tangibly understood. He is a co-founder of the Museum of Awe, a place that ignites curiosity and explores what it is to be alive through art, science, theatre, food and experience. 


Fiona Kerr


You know that invigorating feeling you get in the midst of a great conversation? The one where your brain feels like it’s charged up and flowing – well it is! Fiona Kerr will tell you how, and also why it feels like you are connecting physically with the people you are talking to – it’s because you are! Fiona is an Industry Professor in Neural & Systems Complexity and her work explores the art and wonder of our ability to re-shape our own brain and each other’s, and even grow new brain (neurogenesis). She is fascinated by how human connection and direct engagement creates these changes with a chemical cocktail that allows us to flourish.


Tanya Latty


If you’ve ever wondered whether ants are intelligent, how they all know where they’re traipsing off to everyday, or where memory might come from, Tanya Latty is your woman. Tanya is an Entomologist and specialist in individual and collaborative intelligence and collective memory. Tanya’s work has also seen her collaborate with mathematicians, technologists and thinkers to turn her insights into functional uses for our species.


Derek Leddie


Derek Leddie is a Collective Mind Expert. What’s that you say? It sounds almost Orwellian, but Derek uses his powers for good, using practical and elemental techniques to help people explore their mind’s potential and the power of the pause, to move into a more mindful, present and intuitive way of being and moving through life. 


Matthew Beard


Matt Beard is a passionate public philosopher, podcaster and Fellow at The Ethics Centre. Matt explores ethics, meaning and purpose in the everyday, bringing deep and gritty human concepts out of dusty leather-bound books and into the public sphere.


Tim Dean


Tim Dean is the resident Philosopher at The School of Life in Sydney as well as science writer and avid explorer of all things ethics and human evolution related. Tim is as engaging as they come, spurring discussions on morality, biology and philosophy with an osmotic energy that will make you want to dive into the books and ideas yourself.


Benjamin Skepper


Benjamin Skepper creates artworks that are new and experimental, challenging our perception and aiming to collapse the borders that divide us. By applying new technologies and scientific innovations in an artistic context, and exploring the human body as a musical instrument, Ben creates sounds and feelings that are ethereal yet simultaneously rooted to the deep drum beats of this earth.
A Melbourne born classical musician, he operates at the confluence of art, medical science, technology, fashion, modern classical and the avant-garde. He is a composer, a performer, an art director, published scientific researcher, and cultural advocate, with particular interests in Russia and Japan. His talent and curiosity have taken him across musical boundaries and artistic borders for which he has garnered international acclaim.


Lee Serle


Lee Serle is an internationally renowned choreographer and performer creating dances for the stage, site-specific, interactive and participatory performance, installations, and intimate solo works. Commissioned to create new works for the Lyon Opera Ballet, Sydney Dance Company, Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative, Lucy Guerin Inc., Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA), Dancenorth, and the Victorian College of the Arts, his work has been showcased to International audiences in USA, France, Lebanon, Colombia and Australia.


Samuel Harnett-Welk


Samuel is one of Australia’s most celebrated contemporary dancers. He began his classical training as a student of Christine Underdown, in Adelaide, South Australia, before leaping into an extensive period of training with the Australian Ballet School and Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance.
Samuel has collaborated with many highly sought after choreographers, including Pompea Santoro, Kerry Nicholls, Jackie Barrett and Leila McMillan, and working extensively with Daniel Jaber and Dancers and Melbourne Ballet Company.
More than any accolade, though, Samuel moves in ways that'll make your heart burst open... he'll astonish you, move you and create forms and feelings you'll never forget.



Lily Paskas


Lily Paskas has an energy you want to be close to, and moves so beautifully you can feel it radiating from her as she goes.

"In a performance about unpredictability, uncertainty and the fragility of life, Lake has brought together five extremely talented and strong performers in Rennie McDougall, Lauren Langlois, Alana Everett, Lily Paskas and Lee Serle. I continue to be impressed with the skill and finesse that Paskas (Finucane & Smith’s Glory Box and P.O.V) and Serle (P.O.V) display and the limits to which they constantly push themselves."
Theatre Press, review of Stephanie Lake’s A Small Prometheus


Holly Durant


Holly Durant's performances have taken her around the world for good reason. She is the kind of performer who embodies and celebrates all that it means to move and be alive.
She is a core-performer with the company Finucane and Smith, both curating and performing in productions: The Burlesuqe Hour, The Glory Box, The Salon D’Dance, Caravan Burlesque and the Carnival of Mysteries, both in Australia and overseas in Korea, Paris, London and elsewhere.
Holly often collaborates with artists, like Grimes and Anthony Hamilton, to develop not just dance but performance, installation and film. 



Raghav Handa


Raghav is an exquisite choreographer and performer of Indian heritage with training in modern and Indigenous contemporary dance. As a performer, Raghav has collaborated and toured with many of Australia’s leading Indigenous and non-indigenous choreographers including Marilyn Miller, Vicki van Hout, Sue Healey, Danielle Micich and Martin Del Amo. 

His unique cross-cultural approach has been recognised by SBS and ABC radio, as well as dance critics in The Sydney Morning Herald, Aussie Theatre and Real Time. He was also identified as a “dancer to watch” by Jill Sykes and Michelle Potter in Dance Australia magazine in 2015.



Anastasia La Fey 


Anastasia La Fey is a highly talented and sought after artist and maker working in the realms of textile artistry, inhabitable sculptures, textile-centric installations and collaborative multi-disciplinary works.                                                   
With an integral philosophy rooted deep in the practice of true craftsmanship, and with over 20 years honing her skills and maintaining an unwavering dedication focused on the mastering of her craft, Anastasia La Fey's explorations of cloth and textile span the realms of both art and design.

"Her cloak for Finucane’s monologue at top of the world, is a revelation of itself, a wave of pearly silk organza, laboriously caught and stitched into hundreds of tiny, intricate origami folds."





STORY cocktails began from a love of marking moments in unique and memorable ways. From a proposal under a Caravaggio painting in a Roman Cathedral, to a scenic flight over Uluru, each of these experiences were celebrated with a cocktail evoking and exploring the scent, sight, feel and taste of the moment. Based in Melbourne, these sensory gurus create cocktails that delight you and surprise you. They weave together the thread between the conceptual and sensory world to create something you won't forget.




Moët Hennessy


Moët Hennessy is one of the most respected luxury drink purveyors in the world.


O Tama Carey


Despite it beginning by accident, O Tama Carey has become one of Sydney’s most lauded  chefs. After spending time in the kitchen at Billy Kwong, O Tama took the helm as Head Chef of Sydney’s Berta. O Tama cooks with heart and story. While at Berta, she imagined weekly ‘sagra’ dinners, which brought a single ingredient to the fore, to speak true to the season. It was the shift Sydney’s dining scene needed.

O Tama won Time Out’s Chef of the Year award in 2014 and has since spent time travelling, popping up in places like MONA’s Dark Mofo and Carriageworks markets, where she cooks the beautiful Sri Lankan food of her heritage. If that wasn’t enough, she also writes a column for SBS, and is planning the opening of her new restaurant, Lankan Filling Station.

O Tama collaborated with Glider as our Chef-in-Residence to bring to life something sensational in the first Hard Things To Talk About dinner. Together we used food to explore the facets of our unconscious bias, creating provocative (and delicious) eating experiences as prompts for meaningful conversation.


Wendy Zukerman


Wendy Zukerman is an Australian science journalist and podcaster who brings a decidedly human energy to her practice. It's refreshing, challenging & punchy, but also somehow feels like home. As the host of Science Vs, a program that dissects areas of scientific controversy and public confusion, Wendy not only explores all things scientific through her work, but also looks at concepts of truth and perception, and what the implications are for being human. 


Benjamin Hancock


Benjamin Hancock wills you to question everything you think you know about performance and dance. With experience spanning performative work, choreography and costume design, Ben’s collaborations would take too long to list, but include the likes of filmmaker and artist Sue Healey, MONA’s Dark Mofo, Australian dance company Chunky Move and artist Anthony Breslin. 

He was awarded Outstanding Performance by a male dancer at the Australian Dance Awards in 2017 for his role in Lucy Guerin Inc’s The Dark Chorus, and received a Green Room award for the same role.

"Guerin's choreography is a juxtaposition of strength and weakness, of resilience and fragility. Hancock is a particular standout with extensions and flexibility that need to be witnessed and possesses strong control throughout some difficult and testing choreography."
Review of Lucy Guerin's The Dark Chorus


John Neil


John Neil is one of those philosophers you want to sit by a campfire and talk with for a week.