“Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won't come in.”

Isaac Asimov, Futurist

Some things are just really hard to talk about. They’re challenging, awkward or taboo, and so together we've decided they're not fit for the dinner table. But what would happen if we changed all that? What would happen if we brought some danger to dinner and things got real all of a sudden?

Hard Things To Talk About is a new dinner series doing just that.

We are inviting you to dinner to feast like never before and explore what we really think about the big things in life we rarely talk about. We're serving up Sex, Death, Fear, Mistakes, Taboos, Our Dark Side, The Future, Hope, The End of the World and Consciousness.

On the menu first up is an immersive exploration of Bias brought to life by the much-loved (and much-lauded) chef O Tama Carey, previously of Berta. The story will be told through the food, with inputs from ethicist John Neil of The Ethics Centre and science communicator and ABC News journalist Wendy Zukerman exploring the evolutionary basis for our biases.

We like to think we’re risk takers and we’re open to the new, but it is often a subtle challenge that reveals our own quiet biases. How do our biases form? Are they ever good? How do we break them down and open ourselves up to the unknown? Or are we just hardwired to reject? 

 Bias - Against the Grain will be hosted at Cafe Paci on Aug 30 & 31 and will be a dinner like no other you've been to before.

Tickets are limited.
Take a leap into the unknown. Challenge what you think (or what you think you know!).
We promise it’ll be fun.

The conversation continues...

Hard Things to Talk About is hosted by The Ethics Centre.

The Ethics Centre creates the space to talk about the things that matter - issues at the heart and centre of being human. These dinners are just one of the many forms that the conversation takes.

To keep the conversation going, check out one of their monthly events or challenge your thinking at this year’s Festival of Dangerous Ideas, co-curated by The Ethics Centre and Sydney Opera House.

You can also join the conversation online by following @Ethics_Centre, or by posting to #everydayethics or #conversationsthatmatter.


The Ethics Centre  Host
O Tama Carey  Chef
Kate O'Hara  Sommelier
GLIDER  Curation, Event Design + Production