“The most wonderful concept!! Food and philosophical enquiry. So happy to know such dinners exist in the world."

SBS Food

Feast Like Never Before

We are inviting you to dinner to feast like never before and explore what we really think about the big things in life we rarely talk about.

Some things are just really hard to talk about. They’re challenging, awkward or taboo, and so together we've decided they're not fit for the dinner table. But what would happen if we changed all that? What would happen if we brought some danger to dinner and things got real all of a sudden?

Hard Things To Talk About is an immersive dinner series doing just that. By exploring complex, often intangible themes through food and wine, evocative performance and spoken word, this layered, multi-sensory experience is designed to inspire and delight, and stir great conversations that explore what we really think about the big things in life we rarely talk about.

We're serving up Sex, Death, Fear, Failure, Desire, Loss, Loneliness, Bias, Taboo, The Inner Life, Our Dark Side, The Unimagined, The Unknown, The Universe, Hope and Enlightenment.

After an overwhelming response and sold out events exploring Bias, Enlightenment and Desire, we've been back in the kitchen and are excited to bring you something equally enticing and sticky to feast on!  Explore the depths of your senses and unravel Loneliness with us in Sydney in 2019.

It will be a dinner like no other you've been to before.
Take a leap into the unknown.

We promise it’ll be fun!

Upcoming Events

04.0 - LONELINESS - SYDNEY - 2019

The Art of Conversation

Memorable conversations are sometimes playful and cheeky or bold and adventurous – other times deep and insightful or challenging and gritty. Whatever their tone, the best conversations are honest, human and real. Great conversation can draw you in, stir your mind, lift your spirit or open your heart. Great conversation can shape how we understand each other, ourselves, and the world we live in. Human history itself has been described as an unending conversation…

Conversation can spark ideas, inspire action, evoke empathy and shape behaviour.
Great conversation can even change the world.

"So amazing to have new and meaningful conversations with old friends."
"We really talked...and listened...to each other. So rare. So important."
"We started the night as strangers, but shared so much. Just incredible."

A Project of Glider

Hard Things To Talk About is a Glider Special Project.

Glider creates new form experiences that move people to think, feel, be and do in new and fuller ways.

We are passionate about partnering with courageous and heartful collaborators who want to lean into life and gently prompt people to fully explore and inhabit all the complexity and wonder of Being Human.

By sharing important stories and sparking meaningful conversations we want to celebrate the essence of aliveness and better understand our shared human experience, so that together we might live well.